Are payment plans available?

Yes, we work with several insurance carriers who all have various payment plans. Most will accept credit card payments and allow insureds to pay monthly.

Will I have a gap in coverage?

As experts in insuring optometrists, we’ve seen it all. Our expert brokers will ensure that any proposed coverage matches your existing policy and ensure continuity.

I’m planning on selling soon, what should I do?

Insurance policies last twelve months but there is no reason to limit your planning to that time frame. We will work closely with you to match the time frame of your risk transfer to that of your career. There are moves to make to maximize the value of your business and make sure you are not penalized for mediocre coverage during due diligence.

I’m hiring mid-year, what should I do?

Changes do not always match up perfectly to your insurance renewal. Discussing possible mid-year moves can help us prevent insurance cost surprises when the decision is made.

We are going to sell more retail products, is that a concern?

Generally no. We’ve helped opticians who also sell furniture and art out of their office space. The key is carefully disclosing this to the insurance carrier and ensuring that the insurance policy you purchase adequately covers the exposure.